Minelert PlantEYE

What is Minelert PlantEYE?

A challenge with industrial system data is that it is only available to the industrial system users. The industrial is not converted to information because data is not collected and analyzed, hence this valuable data is not fully utilized when making decisions to enhance operational improvements. Minelert PlantEYE records sensor data and visualize it to the business user.

The PlantEYE IoT Controller is firstly, developed locally in South Africa for South African conditions. Secondly, it is easily deployed in the client infrastructure. Thirdly, and most importantly, it connects to the client sensors via PLC etc. and then uploads (with Client IT Governance approval) data to the Minelert Cloud Services where the magic happens. Users are created according to their profile roles. The web-based system is accessed to view and receive alarms, create reporting and general viewing of the sensor status.

In conclusion, the system is developed exactly to documented client business requirements and is tested according to the user stories developed from the BRS. The result is limited training is required as the system is self explanatory and easy to use.


  • Low cost Internet of Things (IoT) Solution
  • Remote monitoring and control of assets
  • Graphical RAG replication of critical assets
  • Increase efficiency to save time and money
  • Remote and safe switching of substation HT equipment
  • Water Use License monitoring and Management
  • Manage the Environmental process in Process Plants

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