Minelert TrackEYE Missing People Locator System (MPLS)

What is MPLS (Missing Persons Locator System)?

Minelert TrackEYE is a key Mining Safety System that monitors miner movements and positions during operations. Knowing your workforce location and movements at all times aligns perfectly with the Mine Safety Plan. The proven Minelert TrackEYE system specifically addresses and overcomes the challenges found in underground mining asset tracking applications by using locally developed active RFID technology with robust mining conditions mind.

In the event of an emergency the Proto (rescue) Team will obtain missing person information and last seen position from the from the Lamproom. A handheld device is used to locate the specific person’s tag that is installed on his/her Lamp. This device is searching for active tag signals and is not a “look-around-a-corner” device. People names/COY numbers are ticked off as they are found. If the underground mine is equipped with WiFi then this system can be live updated.

Several underground mines use Minelert TrackEYE to report on blast/shaft clearances which ensures that work areas are confirmed cleared before blasting is done. They useĀ Minelert TrackEYE during emergency evacuations to plan and prioritize evacuation actions.

The South African manufactured Minelert TrackEYE tags boasts multiple RFID technologies to ease the equipment allocation and verification process in the Lamproom. Tags are installed inside mining lamps or on the cables. The Smart Tag cable version have a color indication to confirm the miner is verified. This green indicator resets after shift to red. This means that a red lamp underground is not compliant and can be investigated immediately. This also identifies illigal miners at a glance.


  • Reliable tracking information for shaft clearance and mine evacuations.
  • Ease of installation and implementation.
  • Identification of illegal miners inside the mine with Smart Tag.
  • Locate and rescue missing people using Minelert Smart Handheld Locator.
  • Superior tag battery life.

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