Shuttle Car Cycle Tracker and Recording

What is the Shuttle Car Cycle Recording?

The Shuttle Car Cycle Tracker and Recorder (SCR) detects and records the shuttle cars working in a set with a Continuous Mine (CM). The system identifies the tagged cars and records those waiting, those loading, duration of loading time and duration of return times. Data is recorded to meet specific client requirements meaning that various readers can be installed i.e. at the CM and at the tipping point.

The key insight of the SCR is to measure the “end-to-end” cycle time between loading and off loading (tipping point) and return to CM of each cycle car. This way one can quickly identify top performing drivers that can easily be recorded in a leaderboard type of system that motivates other drivers to perform at the same level.

This Shuttle Car Cycle Tracker and Recorder information brings a new perspective to shuttle car management as the insights give a clear indicator of the shift target (if live data is used) and loading times of each car.


  • Visualize shuttle car movements.
  • Identify top and poor performers and skills improvement opportunities.
  • Use your own BI Team to visualize your data.
  • Monitor production targets at the primary mover to validate later.
  • Data traffic (size) do not have a performance impact on current networks.
  • Robust and durable design specially for the underground coal industry in South Africa.
  • Production target monitoring per shift with live data transfer infrastructure.
  • All equipment used is IS Certified.
  • Easy to install and maintain.

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