minelert mobile voice communications

It is generally accepted that the best method to coordinate an effective emergency response is by traditional voice communications – whereby instructions can be issued in real-time, and as conditions/situations change, response team members on the ground can provide feedback. During pressure situations like this, the simplicity of use and sound clarity in noisy environments is absolutely vital.

Minelert solutions install PA (Public Announcement) systems underground as well as the necessary infrastructure to enable co-workers to do the following:

  • Call each other on their wireless handheld units
  • Call IP-PBX or PBX extension telephones
  • Dial external support resources such as emergency services
  • Enter into open channel groups to converse with colleagues
  • Enter into open channel groups with Push-to-Talk capability

All communication in Real-Time Voice!

Voice over Internet Protocol

Improving through Experience

Minelert installed and commissioned its first underground VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi) solution in 2008. To date, we have successfully commissioned more than 250 handsets in various underground operations in South Africa. The handset of choice is Ascom’s i75 and i62.

Minelert Communicator module offered many features such as:

  • SIP-Based Functionality
  • Normal dial tone functionality
  • Messaging
  • Alarming
  • Push to Talk
  • Man Down Alarming

A problem we experienced over the past 7 years is that suppliers often make previous models of handsets obsolete. This creates a huge problem when specific applications have been developed for clients and the handset software is not upgradable, nor compatible, resulting in unexpected cost to the client.

Due to this problem, Minelert has now selected Android as its preferred operation platform for its VOIP solution offering, and we are therefore no longer dictated to by handset suppliers.

Our VoIP Proposal

Minelert Communicator software offering is a modular solution with various Android apps available for download. These apps are developed by Minelert and offer the following functionality:

VoIP Handsets

All current and future Minelert Communicator developments will be done on the Android platform, and we have selected world-class products for the standard non-IS and IS (Intrinsically Safe) certified Smartphone.

We have worked closely with handheld phone manufacturers to disable all GSM functionality and can now say that all Minelert Communicator handheld devices are WiFi only devices, with GSM fully locked-out. Through this achievement, our Communicators conform to the RF output legislation for underground mines in South Africa.

Minelert Communicators


Mine safety appliances - Full Touch Rugged Android mobile device

The ML-RC-10 is a full touch Rugged Android mobile device – the latest in industrial smartphones. The 5″ LCD screen has Gorilla Glass 3 applied and a protective casing to improve durability.

This communicator is a non-IS, IP 68, Military Grade device.

The ML-RC-10 can also be used as an Asset Tag Configurator when integrated with Minelert ALM and LPD solution.