A faultless Lamp Room and Access Control system are crucial for preventing the loss of production and improving the safety of working conditions.

With Minelert network infrastructure in place, mines are able to install the Shaft Clearance modular application. This lamp room system monitors underground workers as they enter and exit the premises, making it easy for management to ensure that shafts are clear at the end of a shift or when specific shafts are being cleared for explosion work.

The Lamp Room Process

Mine workers are only allowed access to underground working areas if they are in possession of a lamp, a rescue pack and a tag. Turnstiles controlling access to underground areas are programmed to identify individuals and check that all of their safety equipment is in proper working order. Authorized personnel who are properly equipped are automatically allowed entry through the turnstile. Should a worker’s lamp, rescue pack or tag be missing or malfunctioning, the turnstile refuses entry and alarms the worker to return to the lamp room in order to receive correct equipment.

Lamp Cap Features:

  • Individually assigned units
  • Retrofit design fitted out with tracking tags
  • User-Friendly
  • Minimize Time Delays through access control system
mine safety equipment - head lamp
Case Studies

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Minelert offers a total solution for tracking logistics, asset tracking and lost person detection
Case Studies