In many situations, the instant dispatch of information to key staff is vital to guarantee an immediate response and hence a satisfactory business outcome. Minelert solutions enable alarms to be immediately dispatched direct to individuals, or broadcast to groups, using a wide array of receiving devices and wireless networks.

The advanced Minelert Communicator WiFi handheld devices can receive alarms from many sources or send alarms such as:

  • Predefined Duress button on the handset will alarm and notify other of a possible duress situation. If integrated with Minelert Asset and Person Tracking module the position of the duress situation will be sent to the relevant staff member’s handsets.
  • I/O Alarm: When integrated into the client’s PLC/SCADA database, various alarms can be sent to personnel for various situations, e.g. Should a ventilation fan trip, Minelert Communicator controller will detect a message from the PLC/SCADA database and forward an alarm to the relevant maintenance staff member’s handset. If integrated with Minelert Asset and Person Tracking module the position of the maintenance staff member closest to the fault will be alarmed. With an inbuilt ‘Accept or Reject’ tag, which provides the key part of the escalation process, the response of maintenance staff is tracked enforcing user accountability and guaranteeing an effective outcome.
  • No-Go Alarm: When integrated with Minelert Asset and Person Tracking module an alarm will be raised and forwarded to the relevant manager’s handset, should any worker enter a No-Go Zone.

How it works

Each electronic system and device used underground is connected to our controllers and monitored by the Ethernet network. By making use of a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) crucial data regarding the maintenance and functioning of pumps, drilling machines, fans and other electronic equipment is communicated through the network system. Should any piece of equipment in the system start to malfunction the network automatically transmits an alarm to key personnel. By making use of the location tags worn by underground workers, the network can send warnings to miners working in the surrounding area and also call out the maintenance operator who is in closest proximity.

Personal Alarms

At risk mobile staff working in remote locations, requires personal protection tools. In work environments where staff are at risk, or where they work alone, there is a clear need to provide ways of immediately raising Duress alarms (also known as Personal alarms or Man-Down alarms) and notifying others of the situation.

mine safety appliances - alarms for workers in distress

Live Production Management

Not only does Minelert system alarm operators about malfunctioning devices, but it also monitors production schedules. With this valuable information available to managers throughout the shift, they have the opportunity to regulate production in real-time.

Mobile Handsets

Minelert mobile handsets are fitted out with a distress button that makes it possible to send a notification to the proto team and the operating room, who are then able to locate the distressed worker through the tagging system.

Another valuable feature of Minelert Mobile Handset is that they can be remotely converted to function as a PA system, making it possible to communicate with incapacitated miners who are not in the position to operate the buttons on the phone.

Minelert Duress Systems provide complete duress solutions that will enable a safer working environment.

mine safety appliances - alarms that trigger malfunction alerts
Case Studies

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Minelert offers a total solution for tracking logistics, asset tracking and lost person detection.
Case Studies