Minelert MachineEYE

What is Minelert MachineEYE?

Minelert MachineEYE records specific data from all mining machines/locos/vehicles/assets for tracking and maintenance reasons. Two options of data collector hardware is available. Firstly a MMU (Mobile Machine Unit) can be installed inside the machine’s control box which is hard wired into the machine’s nerve system and secondly, an ODU, or Operator Display Unit can be used when operator interaction and validation is required. Both pieces of hardware have very specific business applications and a solution is designed and scoped based on specific client business requirements.

The ODU or MMU is hard wired into a machine’s nerve system or it can connect to the PLC and Canbus interfaces. The ODU have a RFID Scanner which allows us to block an Operator from illigal machine use, enforce competency renewals and record Operator performance statistics. Data is carried over the client WiFi (or Minelert can provide the WiFi system too) to the centralized data collector. If not WiFi is available then a data clerk will collect the data using a handheld device that connects to the ODU or MMU via Bluetooth.

All machine operational checklists are digitized and completed electronically on the ODU.


  • Presents data for import into a current planning system i.e. SAP PM and more
  • Customized to meet with exact business requirements within customer environment
  • Machine cycle times, loading and offloading points, tipping counts
  • Monitor machine vitals and health (asset RAG status) through automating operating pressure data, temperature data and running hours data
  • Electronic pre and post shift checklists for the operator
  • Electronic Safety inspections (weekly/monthly)
  • Manage damage reports and component warranty periods
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System is optionally available or as a stand alone system
  • Maintenance plan service notifications is done by the client maintenance planning system. Specialized interfaces can be developed to meet with specific business requirements.

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