Minelert Integrated Lamproom System (ILS)

What is the Minelert ILS?

The Minelert Integrated Lamproom System (ILS) is an integrated Smart Lamproom (SLR) and Missing Person Locator (MPL) in a single system because it allows for people and equipment to be followed during the entire shift. Firstly, the Minelert TrackEYE system for Missing Persons Locating is integrated with the VB Safety Systems Lamproom which are both industry-proven technologies. Secondly, Mineworkers are allowed access underground when the system confirms they have the correct equipment with them according to their job profiles. Then thirdly, and most important the Minelert verification station (walk through arch) confirms correctness and the turnstile allow access to the Miner. If not verified, then the mine worker is blocked at the turnstile and sent to the repair bay to remedy the error. The Miner movements can be recorded when transitioning because their last known location is required in case of rescue efforts during emergencies. The Minelert ILSĀ is then used to locate lost people or to manage and monitor mine evacuation when required.

Upon return to the Lamproom the issued equipment is returned to the Lamproom and blocks prohibit the Miner from removing any equipment from the Lamproom. All equipment must be returned as equipment not returned may show up in illegal hands, posing an immediate threat to the mine. This is where the typical Lamproom solution functionality stop.

The Minelert ILS is a Smart Lamproom meaning it allows end-to-end visibility of people movements while on surface and underground. It confirms people arriving at his/her work place, how long it took them to get there and back and it records movements outside designated working areas. In case of emergency the Lamproom will issue a programmed handheld scanning device to the Proto Team. Missing Miner info and last known positions are made available on the handheld device and they can be rescued without a lot of effort.

The Minelert ILS can also be used to monitor and manage equipment lifecycle and maintenance according to OEM specifications and legal requirements. The Minelert ILS can create work orders or send notification to the client maintenance system to do so when integrated.

The evidence gathered in the system can easily be used as trace evidence in dispute resolution. It can also be used to determine close proximity of all employees to Covid19 positive people moving about the mine.


  • Ensure correct equipment are issued, tested and verified before access is granted to the mine
  • Surface & underground tag movement monitoring from a single console with specific business user reports
  • Access blocking according to business rules at turn styles
  • Equipment returns are enforced post shift to minimize equipment losses
  • Easy to implement and train users
  • Auditing and compliance of equipment maintenance and calibration
  • Powerful management reporting
  • Identify unverified workers (i.e. illegal Miners) when using Minelert Smart Tag mounted on lamp cable

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