Ethernet Backbone

mine safety - ethernet backbone

Minelert modular application is enabled by the installation of an IEEE 802.3 Ethernet infrastructure which is constructed with hardware by trustworthy brands such as Hirschmann.

This fibre infrastructure forms the backbone for all the Minelert modules – allows monitoring of systems and relays all data to a visual user interface that provides comprehensive reports.

Redundancy Protocol / Automatic Back-up Lines

redundancy protocols / automatic back up lines

Minelert Ethernet infrastructure makes use of Redundant Line (fibre) Technology to ensure continued communication all across the network even when a fibre optic cable snaps elsewhere in the system. Should the main network lines become obstructed, the network reroutes communication via redundant lines and so restores full network capabilities automatically, in less than 500 milliseconds!

Underground WiFi

One of our proudest achievements to date is having provided more than 100km of continuous Wi-fi coverage underground in one of South Africa’s deepest mines. Minelert is one of only a few providers worldwide who have been able to successfully implement underground Wi-Fi zones.

Benefits of Wi-Fi zones

  • Underground surveyors are able to connect to their computer systems above ground
  • Underground surveyors and miners can communicate with each other through mobile handsets
  • Public Announcements system can be managed from an office above ground

Minelert strongly believes in the supremacy and opportunities of Industrial Ethernet fibre optic and Wi-Fi-based networks. The worldwide adoption of Wi-Fi-based networks in mining solutions has proven that it is a reliable and mature technology.

Functionality, availability and future-proofing are the yardsticks of every Ethernet network.

The design of the network structure is just as crucial here as the performance of the components selected – and their compatibility with the end devices used. Industrial Ethernet provides users with a robust network infrastructure that has a lower total cost of ownership with improved adaptability for their changing business needs. This continues to drive Ethernet’s use of underground, surface and open pit mining operations.

Case Studies

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Minelert offers a total solution for tracking logistics, asset tracking and lost person detection
Case Studies