Minelert eLogger Digital Safety Inspection System

What is the Minelert Safety Device Inspector eLogger?

The Minelert eLogger ensures safety devices are inspected and tested digitally as per OEM specifications in addition to the Maintenance & Mine Safety plans. The Minelert eLogger system digitize and enables the front-line worker (as suggested by 4IR) with a smart handheld device which he/she use to scan an electronic beacon tag installed at each device. An inspection checklist is displayed on the handheld device and at the same time guiding the Inspector through the inspection with a digital checklist on the smart handheld device.


  • Reduce time spent on safety device inspections by more than 45%
  • Reduce radio usage impact on the control room on maintenance day
  • Increase digital skills of frontline workers
  • Electronic checklists on smart devices makes process paperless
  • Take pictures of maintenance work required or to serve as evidence
  • Easily integrate with your ERP for automated maintenance job card creation and closure
  • Ensure inspections are completed as per OEM requirements.
  • Not to mention Peace of Mind because inspections are done correctly and accurately
  • Gathering data for analytics

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