Minelert Smartlink Vehicle Client

The Problem

A global mining company in RSA installed a comprehensive surface and underground WiFi Network at one of their Limpopo Operations to automate their data. Most of their mining machines and vehicles did not have WiFi connectivity to the network and a solution was produced by Minelert (Pty)Ltd.

The problem experienced was:

  • Machine data is collected and stored onboard in PLCs and is not visible to the WiFi network.
  • Data collection from machines is done manually, is time-consuming and re-active.
  • Data downloads are not consistent as it can only be done when machines are available.

Data is not automated resulting in key information not being available during operation making reports re-active.

The Solution

The Minelert Smartlink Vehicle Client is designed to quickly and easily add WiFi connectivity to any Ethernet equipment inside a vehicle or moving equipment. The Minelert Smartlink Vehicle client is ready to use as a plug & play RJ45 standalone WiFi Unit and requires no external software or drivers. The Minelert Smartlink Vehicle client dramatically reduces costs, shortens time to market and guarantees the sustainability of your assets when used in combination with custom equipment requiring WIFI connectivity. Its long-term availability will ensure solid returns from the initial investment.

The Benefits

Results that speaks millions include:

  • Quicker realization of funds invested in WiFi infrastructure by increased number of machine data over the network.
  • No more time & effort required to manually capture data from machines.
  • Automatically receive 100% accurate data near-live into the planning/reporting system.
  • Machine movements on the surface and underground become visible if routes are tagged.
  • No more using Excel datasheets.
  • Cost-saving on installation and maintenance costs when done by client technical teams.
  • Very affordable.

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Minelert Vehicle Client

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