Minelert SmartPLANT IIoT

The Problem

Many mining assets, or things, mobile or stationary, are not connected to the central data repository hence they cannot be monitored or controlled remotely. Its performance parameters are not recorded nor reported on meaning management of these assets are done re-actively. This cause unplanned downtime resulting in loss of production while problems must be resolved as an emergency.

A further problem with IIoT solutions is the cost associated with it. It usually must be postponed until budget is available hence time is lost to improve the management of the asset life cycle.

An affordable and trustworthy solution is required that can be easily deployed and provide high-integrity data and reports.

The Solution

The Minelert Smartplant IIoT System enables the client to remotely monitor and control systems like reservoirs, wastewater pits, substations, plant motors and pumps, ventilation systems and much more.

Smartplant IIoT decreases the cost of human intervention time and increases production time since assets can be pro-actively monitored and maintained to reduce unplanned downtime.

Asset performance data is hardly converted to information hence this very valuable data is not being used when making decisions to enhance strategical improvements. Smartplant IIoT records asset performance data and displays it graphically in real-time to allow alarms, reporting, monitoring, and control to the business user.

Smartplant IIoT is breathing new life into business by being informed and reassured of asset performance and real-time statuses.

A South African Mining Giant engaged Minelert to implement Smartplant IIoT at one of their Coal Operations to assist them to monitor crushers, plant motors/pumps, boreholes, reservoir & dam water levels and HT substations. The solution even assists the electrician to do the substation switching remotely to protect the electrician from any possible arc flashes. The solution was deployed in a short time which allowed the client to gain the benefit much quicker than anticipated.

The Benefits

Results that speak millions include:

  • Achieve cost and productivity optimization by means of proactively attending to failing assets.
  • Improve safety measures with substation remote switching.
  • Schedule operational time-based maintenance as per OEM and Safety requirements.
  • The Smartplant IIoT solution is affordable and can be deployed in a phased approach over time to align with client requirements.
  • The Smartplant IIoT Controller is GSM enabled for outdoor use so there is no requirement for network infrastructure to be installed to connect to the network.
  • Accurately report the weekly/monthly water usage for compliance purposes.

What SmartPLANT is not

Smartplant is a condition monitoring and automated reporting tool that can be used by the control room. The artisans, supervisors and Engineers have access to it on their mobile phones to see what the condition are always.

Smartplant is not a SCADA system nor is it trying to compete with the existing SCADA systems implemented in a customer environment. Smartplant visualizes the data and the condition of said assets to the control room and mobile devices of all the users using state-of-the-art IIoT technology.

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