mine asset monitoring
  • Do you know where your material cars are?
  • Has your requested material arrived at the workplace?
  • Is each of your material cars and vehicles being used optimally and efficiently?

Minelert Asset Location Monitoring (ALM) solution enables Monitoring of all vehicles, loco’s, material cars and any other assets throughout the mining operation. When monitoring and managing these assets you will not only increase productivity; the system will further enable you to create a safer working environment for your people.

Minelert Vehicle Management Solution (VMS) is an integrated suite of software and hardware components. It allows for real-time monitoring and management of primary production equipment and related product flow.

Once the vehicle unit (VU) is installed on the vehicle, the unit will constantly monitor and log data in real time from a variety of sources on the vehicle. This includes data from the strategically placed location tags for determining the position of the vehicle.

When integrating our Monitoring module with our Messaging module, you will be notified when a material car reaches its selected place of work, or when an explosive car has not been returned to surface after 2 days. The Messaging Module can also generate an alarm, in case of an unauthorized entry in a particular area. We allow you to decide on the “rules of alarming”.

The Software manages the information upload from each vehicle unit to a centrally located Master Controller. When the vehicle travels through an area without network coverage the vehicle unit acts as a data logger – by storing data locally. Once the vehicle returns to a coverage area, data is then uploaded to the master controller for display/reports on the Visualization application.


AngloGold Ashanti

  • Mponeng Shaft: 8000 LPD tags, 1000 Material Car Monitoring tags
  • Moab Khatsong Shaft: 7400 LPD tags, 1000 Material Car Monitoring tags
  • Kopanang Shaft: 1000 Material Car Monitoring tags
  • Tau Tona Shaft: 1000 Material Car Monitoring tags

Harmony Gold

  • Doornkop Shaft: 1000 Material Car Monitoring tags
Case Studies

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Minelert offers a total solution for tracking logistics, asset tracking and lost person detection.
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