About Us

About Us

Minelert (Pty) Ltd. a product of Profitek designs, deploys and supports open-architecture solutions specializing in advanced IIoT, tracking and wireless “mission-critical” and “life-critical” solutions specifically designed for the mining, manufacturing and process control industries.

A fact about us is that the Minelert Products address real-life problems experienced in all industries, specifically the Mining Industry. Causes of these business problems may include:

  • Industrial data not being available for decision makers to visualize problems experienced.
  • Difficult and hard conditions resulting in safety issues.
  • Poor digital visibility of workforce and movements of people & assets throughout the mine.
  • Poor quality of workmanship and maintenance.
  • Poorly disciplined workforces in need of training.

The Minelert Product Objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • Fit-for-Purpose Management Reporting
  • Improve decision-making process and time.
  • Improve mining productivity.
  • Reduce downtime.
  • Identify training and improvement opportunities.
  • Measure the performance of assets and people.
  • Condition monitoring.
  • Preventative maintenance.

Features and Benefits

About Us

Enhance Safety – Minelert is an industry-proven asset and people following and locating solution.

Asset digital simulation Minelert provides a real-time view and monitoring of an asset virtually and provide an ideal analytics platform for asset performance.

Safety device inspections use Minelert to create an audit trail of all safety inspection statuses whilst ensuring the inspections are actually done according to OEM standards.

Maximize utilization and uptime of assets – Minelert creates and promote a planned maintenance environment (primary and secondary) to reduce downtime of assets by early warning of poor performance and alignment with maintenance plans.



Minelert Collect (data collection) consists of a series of hardware devices that collects data from a multitude of sources such as people, tools, industrial systems, machines and more. These mobile or stationary devices collects and stores data for upload to the data collector (Management Console). This console shows the availability of devices in a Dashboard with the Admin and Security Interface. Devices include active location tags, mobile active tags, stationary tag readers and mobile Machine Monitoring Units (MMUs)


Minelert Connect (networking) consist of all network services and devices required to connect your operational workspace to your server room. This include, but is not limited to:

– Outdoor WiFi Access Points
– Vehicle clients to enable WiFi on vehicles and machines
– Meshing readers and tags
– Mobile Voice Communication
– Minelert Communicator – handheld device with Minelert mobile application


Minelert Display (Visualization) Software is modular to tailor affordable solutions for specific business requirements. Implementation is focused on documented client business requirements to ensure the technologies align with client and Minelert expectations. Upon implementation, the client obtains astute views of their asset base and the performance thereof.



To provide “mission critical” and “life critical” safety solutions aligned with the Mine Health Safety requirements.

Allow different business requirements to be met over an installation timeline minimizing financial impact to our clients.


Grow & support our people – We empower our people to be exceptional in what they do

World-class technology – We develop the best agnostic monitoring and automation systems​.

Actionable information – We deliver real-time information that is easily accessible

Sustainable step changes – We enablesustainable improvements in productivity & safety

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Minelert Core Values

Our Core Values

Our people are our strength

We communicate accurately & Timely – We communicate and collaborate within our teams with honesty, integrity and passion.

We take responsibility – We all take responsibility for performing to Company and Customer expectations.

We are accountable – We are all accountable to ensure we meet others expectations of our own performance.

We are a high performing team – We drive high performance through dedication to achieve sustainable results.