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mining safety equipment - lost persons

Lost Persons Detection

Do you know where your people are in case of an emergency? If there is any incident, Minelert immediately pinpoints the location of every single miner. Our Mine Safety Appliances not only saves lives, it helps to prevent the loss of production.

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mine lamp room & access control

Lamp Room & Access Control

A perfectly functioning Lamp Room and Access Control system is crucial in preventing the loss of production by keeping track of the location of underground workers throughout various areas of the mine.

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mobile voice communication

Mobile Voice Communication

It is generally accepted that the best method to coordinate an effective emergency response is by traditional voice communications – whereby instructions can be issued in real-time…

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mine asset monitoring

Asset Monitoring

Minelert Asset Location Monitoring (ALM) and Vehicle Management Solution (VMS) enables monitoring of all vehicles, loco’s, material cars and any other asset throughout the mining operation…

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Minelert protects people, increases
operational efficiency and productivity

Mine Safety Appliances

Minelert is a set of software modules and hardware devices that manages the receipt, display, distribution, escalation and logging of critical data, alarms and messages. This complete mine optimization system makes lost person detection possible, as well as real time asset tracking and production management.

Mike O’Hare, AngloGold Ashanti’s Chief Operating Officer for South Africa, testifies to the success of Minelert safety solutions:

“Safely hoisting all 3,300 people to surface after an earthquake of this size is an achievement of which we’re immensely proud. Our infrastructure responded as it was designed to, and our safety protocols worked as they should. Our thanks go to every employee, the contractors on site and the management team who together made this outcome possible.” Read more…

Why Choose Us

  • Specifically engineered and developed for underground, surface and open pit mining operations.

  • Provides “mission critical” and “life critical” safety solutions for the mining industry.

  • Minelert protects people, enhances efficiency and increases operational productivity!

Modular Application

Mining Communication SystemsMinelert is a set of software modules and hardware devices that manages the receipt, display, distribution, escalation and logging of critical data, alarms and messages. Minelert can, in essence, receive data, alarms and messages from any source and deliver that information in real-time, as a web report or as a text message to any required destination including mobile handsets.

Minelert Vehicle Management Solution (VMS) is an integrated suite of software and hardware components that in real-time allows for monitoring and managing a mining operation’s primary production equipment and related product flow. Once the vehicle unit (VU) is installed on the vehicle, the unit will constantly monitor and log data in real time from a variety of sources on the vehicle including the strategically placed location tags for determining the position of the vehicle.

underground mining safetySoftware manages the information upload from each vehicle unit to a centrally located Master Controller. The vehicle unit also acts as a data logger, in the event of a vehicle travelling to an area without network coverage, locally storing data. Once the vehicle returns to a coverage area, data is then uploaded to the master controller for display/reports on the Visualization application.