Mobile Machine Unit

The Minelert MMU (Mobile Machine Unit) is an electronic logging module used for monitoring the production parameters as well as health statuses on mobile machinery. Examples could be running hours, number of loads delivered as well as customer required parameters. Features of the new version include the logging of analogue values such as brake pressures, load in the bucket etc. Digital outputs have also been included and could be used for warning or control as defined by the client.

The MMU has an additional feature of incorporating a Minelert tag reader that allows for reading of active tags placed in the working environment when a vehicle passes it. This type of info is particularly useful when trip times, as well as routes travelled by the mobile equipment, needs to be monitored.

All data is stored locally in the unit and then sent to a server as soon as a standard WIFI network is detected. This data is available to the user in both a dashboard format as well as in raw format should the customer wish to pull it into their own management system. A new feature added to the current MMU is a Bluetooth feature used for transferring the measured data to a handheld device to act as a transferring medium on those machines not able to get to a WIFI network, an example could be a drill rig in a new development end without WIFI that only goes to a workshop once a week for maintenance.


  • Digital inputs can be configured as:
    • Hour meters
    • Counting of alarms
    • Alarm/s logging
  • Analog inputs are industry standard 4 – 20 mA and log the data on a time or events.
  • Digital outputs can be configured on user requests.
  • All logged data and tracking data are uploaded to a Profitek server via a WIFI connection or by transferring it via Bluetooth to a handheld device and then to the server for area’s where the unit works outside of WIFI coverage.

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  • WIFI (802.11) interface

  • Bluetooth interface
  • CAN bus interface
  • Profitek Tracking tag reader
  • 7 Digital inputs (DI)

  • 4 Digital outputs (DO)

  • 4 Analog inputs (4 – 20 mA)

  • 12 – 24 VDC supply