Shuttle Car Cycle Tracker and Recording

What is the Shuttle Car Cycle Recording?

The endless contest of Continuous Miner (CM) production versus shuttle car availability is rendered a historical problem with the Minelert Shuttle Car Recorder solution. The Shuttle Car Recorder (SCR) detects and records individual shuttle car movement and time spent at the CM. Collecting this data brings new frontiers to business decision-making, never available before.

This new information brings a new perspective to shuttle car management as the insights give a clear view of the shift target (if live data is used) and status resulting in proactive decisions and actions where required, rather than re-active surprises.


  • Visualize shuttle car availability and performance to increase production.
  • Visualize operator performance to identify improvement requirements.
  • Visualize shift production target versus actual (near-live if connected).
  • Shuttle car loading time actual vs target.
  • Shuttle car change over time actual vs target.
  • Shuttle car away time actual vs target.
  • Shuttle car performance (identify top/bottom performers).
  • Cutting rate (data from CM).
  • OEM Hour based maintenance notifications on CM for preventative maintenance.

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