21 01, 2016

Critical Importance of Implementing Mine Safety Regulations

In 2008 The Department of Minerals and Energy released a Mine Safety audit report describing the high number of injuries and fatalities in South African mines at that point. This was a result of an order by former President Thabo Mbeki to determine the level of compliance with health and safety after an incident in which […]

19 01, 2016

The Importance of Mine Safety Code of Practice for Fatigue Management

The employer of a mine has the responsibility to prepare a risk based code of practice (COP) on Fatigue Management (Section 9(2) of the MHSA). Fatigue is more than simply feeling tired or drowsy. It can be caused by prolonged physical or mental exertion without enough time to rest. Or by spending long periods of […]

23 12, 2015

The History of Mining Communications

Where it began…
Although mining is an industry with a long history, communication technology systems in underground mining are a relatively new addition to the industry. Only in the twentieth century did mining communication systems begin to appear in underground mines, with Western Electric standard telephones popping up in 1913. The only essential difference between these […]

22 12, 2015

Personal Emergency Devices for Mine Safety and Productivity

Personal emergency devices, or PED’s, have been used in underground mines since 1987 to enable one-way text messages for emergency situations.
Personal Emergency Devices to save lives
One of the best documented cases to show the value of PED’s for mine safety is the Willow Creek Mine Fire of 1998, where this Utah mine was able to […]

18 12, 2015

Commodity slump: Asset Monitoring to Cut Costs and Improve Performance

There are signs of distress across the mining industry: Continued deterioration in commodity prices is undermining cash flows and putting pressure on the serviceability of existing commitments. Some are of the opinion that the drop in commodity prices we are currently experiencing is not a pendulum swing but a seismic shift and that companies who […]

15 12, 2015

Wireless Communication & Tracking to Comply with US Mining Legislation

Although requirements for mining communication differs from one country and region to the next, increasingly stricter regulations across the board leaves no doubt that legislation is and will continue to push mining operations to improve their communication systems. The good news: improved technology is providing mine operators with an abundance of smart innovations that helps […]

11 12, 2015

Mine Safety Checklist: Lamp Room Best Practices

Productivity and safety in mining operations are inextricably intertwined. By making use of a lamp room system as safety control terminal many safety and operational hazards can be eliminated. David Douglas, divisional manager for power solution at Willard Batteries points out why lamp room systems are ideal for use as health and safety control centre:

“A mine’s lamp […]

9 12, 2015

Improving Mine Safety and Productivity through Access Control Systems

Although illegal mining is more prevalent at abandoned mine shafts and near-surface mines, Graham Briggs, CEO of South African mine Harmony Gold says that it is not uncommon for underground mines to struggle with trespassers who illegally enter mining premises with the intent of extracting minerals or mineral bearing material. The risk, he points out, is threefold:
Illegal mining […]

4 12, 2015

Mine Safety – Prioritizing Compliance Makes Every Miner Matter

Despite the implementation of rigorous safety regulations and preventative programs over the past decade fatalities in the mining industry remains a huge problem. While South Africa boasted a 10% drop in mining deaths in 2014 to the lowest level ever in the country’s history health and safety managers will agree that even one fatality is one […]

2 12, 2015

Mine Safety Tech Update: Early Warning Applications

Mine emergencies, even concluding with a positive outcome, puts strain on every aspect of operations; from worker wellbeing, to labour relations and operational efficiency. Indeed, everyone involved in mining operations would agree that the target for incident-free shifts should be 100%. And yet the nature of mining operations, especially in deep mining systems, pose extreme […]

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