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Wireless Networks for Mine Safety

Whether a mining operation is dealing with an earthquake, an accidental blast, or a miner that is identified as missing during the process of shift clearance, cutting down the time of search and rescue operations saves lives and prevents the loss of production.

The installation of Wireless Network Systems in underground and open-pit mines is a noteworthy technological advancement […]

A Revolutionary Mine Safety Appliance – Underground WiFi

With many successful employments of lost persons detection systems in deep mines across the world, the implementation of industrial wireless networks in both surface and underground mines is a noteworthy technological advancement.
The Infrastructure that Enables WiFi in Mine Safety Applications
The successful installation and implementation of mine safety appliances such as Lost Persons Detection Systems (LPDS) in […]

RTLS Technology as Solution to Safety in Mining

Fatalities and injuries in mining not only affects the physical safety and well-being of workers, but it has the potential to bring operations to a halt – a risk to the job security of millions of workers in the mining industry.
The Safety Risks of Underground and Open-pit Mining
All too often news reports tell of tragic mining incidents, where employees get […]

Mine Safety Appliances for Underground & Open-pit Mines

A search through the International Labor Organization’s database confirms that the three most dangerous countries for mining workings are: Turkey, Denmark and Panama. According to these ILO statistics, Turkey rates highest in terms of fatalities, with an annual average of 57.4 death per 100,000 workers.

While these numbers seem brutally high as it is, news reporter Tim Fernholz draws […]

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