Minelert Asset Tracking System (ATS)

What is Minelert Asset Tracking System?

Controlling the asset inventory must be one of the highest priorities in the Operation as we all have suffered severe losses in underground mining environments.  Tracking and reporting on inventory assets have substantial benefits like decreased losses/damages, compliance with law and accountable ownership.

Knowing asset movement and the location of assets, such as material cars and special tools (like explosive emulsion pumps) will increase accountability of the inventory holder to ensure proper use and care of equipment. Material (explosive carrying) cars and emulsion pumps have specific DMR compliance requirements as this must be returned to surface within specific time periods. With a tracking system this can easily be controlled and reported on.

Any asset can be tagged to monitor usage, location and movement and can include rock winches, hand-held rock drills and scanning equipment to mention but a few.

The high volume of material cars in use in underground track-bound mining poses challenges of it’s own. The Minelert Asset Tracking System can easily assist the business user with:

  • Make material car transitions accurately visible
  • Non-compliance of material car transitions to surface within legally required time limits i.e. explosives cars
  • Potential losses of assets by not/or slow transitioning back to surface
  • Accurate material car availability, movement direction and locations to identify direction of deliveries to face and back
  • Planners, Schedulers, and Mine Captains losing sight of materials to be delivered to specific work faces
  • Automated Banksman Logbook when Banksman is equipped properly
  • Ensure all material cars are brought back to surface for maintenance and cleaning purposes. A lot of maintenance work is due to material cars being left underground in caustic environments resulting in bearing rust and losses.

Various benefits can be achieved by tracking your assets with Minelert Asset Tracking System. Increase your coal production, for example, by tracking your shuttle cars and measure their cycle times.  

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